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Pizza from Scratch presents a Lemmmond extended family Christmas, Part 2

Early December, 2012

Norovirus spreads.

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Email described how the virus spread through the family. This wasn't the last of it.

I tried to make use of a joke I've heard, over and over, for years, wherein one cannibal asks another "Did that clown taste funny to you?" I think it's been used by Garrison Keillor on the annual Prairie Home Companion joke show. So I thought it was safe to use. My brother didn't really say that, and as a cat, he and Mandi hadn't actually served up a clown to their kids. He was just trying to take everyone's minds off being sick.

Yet one friend of mine, reading the line on this page, had to ask me what I meant, because his mind went in a direction I hadn't expected anyone's to go. I'll say no more about that. :-/