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Pizza from Scratch presents a Lemmmond extended family Christmas, Part 1

Early December, 2012

Norovirus starts.

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Near the start of December, email went out to family that my youngest brother's family was hit with norovirus. This is really how it started. Addie felt it coming,and tried to hold it in with her hands over her mouth. Sadly, this only resulted in a wide spray.

They say Addie had it worst of all. Poor Addie really asked that question; she's little, and hadn't ever been through anything as bad. I know viruses have been serious, and still are, in some situations.

I did ask my brother and his wife if he thought the kids would feel better if I told their story in cartoon form. Both parents said yes, and oddly enough, at Christmas time, everyone thought it was wonderful.

I hope this helps my readers feel better, with whatever they're facing now, or whatever memory still makes them feel tired and icky all over.