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Pizza from Scratch presents Dismal Science Swamp 'toon 198

23 April, 2009

Is Peter ready to learn of the Iluminati?

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There's a joke about how the people who really run things hide some passages in the media from most of us. According to the joke, the general public can't see the word "Fnord," and instead they become uneasy, even fearful, and unable to focus. It's good that it's only a joke, from satire on control conspiracy.

Peter's uncle, the not-really-evil Dr. M. Lux Luther, has great confidence in his nephew, especially since discovering that Peter can understand the world through economics. It's a bit like the Monty Python sketch that includes a man who can't pronounce the letter 'C'. It turns out that he has no trouble with 'K,' so a suggestion to spell "cat" with a 'K' solves his problem.

Wikipedia is a good place to start, if you want to learn more.