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Pizza from Scratch 'toon 196

16 April, 2009

The Wakefield Shad Planking, with volunteer shad on Earth 14, and a serious Scottish Fold cat

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As mentioned previously, the Wakefield Shad Planking is an annual political gathering which serves fish, attached to wooden planks, and smoked over open fires. On the Pizza from Scratch Earth, no one get turned into meat without their permission, or without getting a consciousness transfer into a very long-lived cybernetic form.

Statewide politics are discussed as people eat and drink. Some smoke big, smelly cigars. Sometimes, they're the same people who wear really loud, tasteless clothing. There's a place for even that, I guess.

I don't know if I ever saw the Saturday Night Live sketch with the angry Scotsman, but as a Scot, it caught my attention. And here I found a way to use it.