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Pizza from Scratch presents Dismal Science Swamp 'toon 188

19 March, 2009

With all the time in the world, Peter can bring long-delayed justice to some especially evil people.

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I heard on NPR about an armed group in Africa that went around to schools in their area. First they killed all the teachers. Then they asked the school children "Long sleeves or short sleeves?" That referred to the kind of "choice" that such extreme bullies would give: how much of their arms would be cut off.

I don't know what they have against schools. If they were left out of educational opportunities, they could just sit down in the classrooms and demand to be taught. It's not too late.

And it occurred to me that none of these children have hands, and some of them can't reach far enough. Because Peter has all the time in the world, he can check up on these thugs and enforce their punishment. I'm sure he makes these awful people do other things for the kids they maimed, but only after they thoroughly wash their hands.