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Pizza from Scratch presents Dismal Science Swamp 'toon 187

16 March, 2009

Peter wants to save the rhinos, and asks why anyone would want to kill them for their horns.

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The eleven-day break wasn't for Spring Break, yet. Maybe it was for "reading days" on campus.

I'm not sure how Peter's parents and uncle explain to him why some rich guys (from what I hear, largely in Asia) want powdered rhinoseros horn. Maybe they simply say it's because these men "want to impress women."

Did you notice the headine on the newspaper, and that it changes?

Kim Jong Il starved his own people, to focus more resources on military power, including a nuclear weapons program. And he showed himself to be egotistical and pleasure-loving, so I expect he'd have a supply of rhino horn, one that he kept secret, so no one could say he needed it.