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Pizza from Scratch presents Dismal Science Swamp 'toon 186

5 March, 2009

Floating along outside the time stream, Peter spots an airliner in a steep dive, engines on fire

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With all the time in the world, but needing to conserve fuel, the World Buiding and Loan executive aircraft is an airship. The passenger area is lined with big windows that provide a beautiful view ... of an airliner in trouble.

The flight crew would be regaining consciousness in time to land well, but maybe there's something wrong with the landing gear. Just in case, airport emergency crews spray runways with flame-retardent foam.

Not long before I created this comic strip, there had been a series of radio news stories about big lots of peanut butter, that got to grocery store shelves, that were found unsafe to eat. I know it all had to be disposed somehow, so why not borrow it from the human statues standing around with hand carts and trucks, and push it onto the airport runway.

It only just now occurred to me that peanut butter is rich in peanut oil. It's used on submarines because it tends not to smoke, but it's still flammable. I guess it's okay, because Peter can pause time again, and put out any flames.