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Pizza from Scratch presents Dismal Science Swamp 'toon 185

26 February, 2009

What Peter decided to do, when given all the time in the world, in a split second

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The Rolled-Up Newspaper of Justice pauses time for Peter and his helpers, the way it does for Santa Claus (Pere Noel). So dealing with a worldwide bureaucratic nightmare becomes a comfortable, quiet job with lots and lots of naps.

Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Prize for Economics for pioneering microfinance. That's very small loans and savings accounts, on the scale needed by poor people in the Third World to have a chance to escape poverty.

The Amazonian counting is inspired by Terry Pratchett's trolls on the Disk World.

Actual relations between small tribes in jungles can be this bad. Yet even when at war, they'll carry on trade by taking turns leaving surplus goods in a clearing, and just leaving what they want in return. It works because both sides know they have to leave about the same value, for the trades to keep going. It may be how all trade began - not necessarily with a state of war, but with dropping off surpluses in a commonly used clearing.