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Pizza from Scratch 'toon 175

22 January, 2009

Gayle calls in a favor, and so does Dr. Lux Luther (who only wishes he could keep his mind on being evil)

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I don't remember where I got the Skrulls/Scrolls idea. It was almost five years ago. I do know I'd been thinking about all the jokes about Jewish mothers (generally by their Jewish children). I've heard more than I like of Garrison Keillor's technically excellent - but for me, painful - "comedy" about the hideously manipulative mother of the artist in the Prairie Home Companion audio sketches (Thankfully, my mom is nothing like that. Thanks, Mom.). So I wondered what it would be like if the attackers on both sides were to experience the silent, disapproving stares of those who appeared to be their own mothers.

Image references for Merkava armored vehicles were easier to find than images of Palestinian rockets. I hope I did an adequate job.

There really was a cease-fire by the time I was finishing this strip. I don't recall all that's happened since. For health reasons, I really have to work at staying in my happy place. I wouldn't be productive, otherwise. For me, the best way to deal with bad news is to make cartoons. I hope these help others. I hope they help you.