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Pizza from Scratch 'toon 174

15 January, 2009

Captain Crabby versus generations-old, deadly, inter-Semitic tit-for-tat

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I realy had been listening, for days, maybe weeks, to radio reports that kept saying that militant Palestinians were "launching rockets" at Israel, and that in return, the Israeli military was "pounding Lebanon," in places from where Palestinians were ... well, you get the picture.

My problem was my wonderful, humorous friends, for which nothing is sacred, whose humor isn't half repeatable around small children. Thanks to them, I didn't really get a visual mental picture, but in a second, it occurred to me that the phrases the news announcers kept repeating could be taken as euphemisms for ... something.

For my elementary school readers, I really recommend that you just let the mysteries go. From experience, I think you'll get more fun out of life if you put off learning the lightly guarded secrets in this strip. At least put it off until middle school. You'll be glad you did. Otherwise, you won't really understand until your teens, anyway.