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Pizza from Scratch 'toon 173

12 January, 2009

"Peter is a child who knows what it's like to be regarded as "junk"

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There really was a story on NPR about animators, and animation school, and what it was like for one student to find that at last he was surrounded with people who thought more as he did than not. For myself, I remember being pretty strongly affected by the Disney movie, "The Love Bug," which was about a sentient Volkswagen "bug," and the humans around him. I was sadly certain that cars didn't really have feelings, but over the years since, I've also been unable to keep from trying to treat my cars better, and wondering how they feel.

As for recycling paper, I don't know if it does more good than harm. When we bury used paper in landfills, we're actually "sequestering carbon," and even then, many landfills are set up to harness microbial action to turn much trash, especially paper, into methane, which is tapped and harnessed for various purposes.

And paper companies have sold at least 12 million acres of trees to real estate investment trusts. The standing trees will be cut, one last time, and then the REITs will plant subdivisions for retiring baby boomers. That's too bad. Young trees grow the fastest, and pull the most CO2 out of the atmosphere. And the paper companies plant more trees than anyone else. They're in neat rows, so they don't look all that natural, but they're still trees that wouldn't be there, otherwise.