Pizza from Scratch, 140

17 April, 2008

Immigrants and health care

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)

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The "beyond rude interruption" to which I refered was the most recent (at the time) Baghdad pet market bombing. I dropped a planned series on immigration and took the strip to Iraq.

Grass Jelly is a sweet flavored, non-carbonated soft drink, found locally in Asian grocery stores. The jelly is little cubes. It's tasty, and good chilled.

With this strip I wanted to do two things. I wanted to help explain why we can't keep people out. I also wanted to show the absurdity of positions held by the political extremes.

And Dr. Luther gets a rare opportunity to be evil. For the same head-popping reason, I had hopes, at the time, that Clinton would steal the Democratic nomination from Obama (who would come back and win it in the next campaign, and still become our first Arican-American president). Then arch-conservatives would have to choose between voting for the relatively conservative Hillary Clinton, or voting for a Republican, the relatively liberal John McCain. And of course the arch-liberals would have to vote for a conservative or a Republican. Pop go their minds - bwhahaha!