Pizza from Scratch, 139

14 April, 2008

Safety PSA

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This public service announcement idea first came to me when I read a Richmond Times-Dispatch article online, about a traffic accident. The VCU School of Engineering had sent out an email about the death of one of its students. The article described how his car had broken down. The article said evidence showed he had continued walking along the same side of the road, in the same direction his car had been going. Evidence also indicated that he then turned to cross the road and was hit by another vehicle, going in the direction in which he had been travelling.

This means he had continued to walk along what was for him the right side of the road, facing away from the traffic lane beside him (in the U.S.). He didn't see or hear the car that hit him, until it was too late. With any amount of traffic going both ways, it's impossible to reliably hear cars coming from behind.

If he had walked on the left side of the road, facing traffic (in the U.S., again), he would have seen any oncoming vehicles. He would even have been able to dive away from the road, in the event that a vehicle swerved toward him.

So please walk on the side of the road that places you beside oncoming traffic, in your country.

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