Pizza from Scratch, 130

3 March, 2008

"The Avengers"

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)

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Now I see I forgot to shade the bowler hat in the first panel. Sorry about that. And I still don't know how to fix this stuff with a computer.

Cobra Dan and his wife, Consuela, are supposed to remind some people of John Steed and Emma Peale, for the 1960s British TV adventure series, "The Avengers." These days, unless that show is in reruns somewhere, people might only know of the movie with Uma Thurman as Mrs. Peale. In the TV show, John Steed did tend to leave the fighting to Mrs. Peale. And while Dan doesn't make a big deal about it, he's all for equal opportunity.

I was too young at the time to know whether Mrs. Peale's tight-fitting working suit was leather or "pleather." All I knew was that my Mom was a huge fan. I think at least part of her wanted to be Mrs. Peale. Maybe I got into role-playing gaming from her example.

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