Pizza from Scratch, 127

21 February, 2008

"Crazy decadent western imperialist crusaders" splash page!

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)

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To introduce a new character (Laura Wolfe), and bring her and others into the current story line, I had the idea of showing their understandable responses to being called "crazy, decadent western imperialist crusaders." "Loose Wheel" is crazy about technology, always making it work way too well, in some unsettling way. Think atomic steam turbine alarm clock. Bob is what he says he is. Dan is from the Philippines - hardly western. Laura is a Native American, about as far from imperialist as you can get. Master Tensing is Buddhist. And "Bowels, the Cat" is the one cat who can't talk human talk.

I do have friends, a family with a few cats, who claim (not seriously) that one day one of their cats said "Mmmmbowels?" Thus he became "Bowels, the Cat." I use him by permission.

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