Pizza from Scratch, 124

7 February, 2008

Dan goes back down-range.

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NPR and other sources reported evidence that the pet market bomb vests had been put on developmentally disabled women, women who were regulars at the pet market. What would you do with a really simple child? One thing you could do would be to involve them with animals. Animals are more patient, and love unconditionally. And they don't care how smart we are. So that's why Peter is asking his question.

The only word I heard about the motive behind the bombing was that some religious extremists regard the whole idea of pets as "too western," and corrupting. And by then they'd bombed the Ghazil pet market five times. They blew up animals. They blew up animal lovers. And some people in this country want us to let people like that take over Iraq. And count on it, if they'll blow up whomever is unlucky enough to be at a pet market, they want to control every part of everyone's life, just like the Taliban.

Darn. I need to get back to my happy place again. I've lost decades to chronic depression. Somebody please round up all the red and blue cranks and ship them off to Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm sick of them.

Oh, and before I forget, hi, Sgt. G. I hope you have a good job now, working for people who appreciate a historian's perspective.