Pizza from Scratch, 123

4 February, 2008

Religious extremists blew up the pet market in Baghdad -again!

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I was minding my own business, working on cartoons about immigration, when I heard on the radio that the Ghazil pet market had been blown up, with much loss of various kinds of life. They said it had been blown up four times before. I guess it takes that long to become news in this country, even on "All Things Considered."

As I listened, I realized I'd been basically creating comic strips about pets for years. And I wanted to find the people responsible, because they're bullies, and bullies on a smaller scale had ruined my life for decades. So I wanted to catch the bomb plotters, tie them up like pinatas, and beat them until candy came out. I couldn't do that, but I could draw comics. And don't judge me unless you've lost over 30 years to the actions of mean people, and the innactions of authorities.

I suspect my campus was mostly populated by people just busy teaching and learning, but the rest were mostly convinced (by talking with each other) that everything bad in Iraq is all our fault. If only we would get our troops out, all those people who hate each other over religion or ethnicity or both ... would just get along.

Yeah, right - would that be how the same kind of people got along after Yugoslavia broke up? I remember what that was like before the arrival of troops who would actually stand up to "ethnic cleansing." And is it just me, or does "ethnic cleansing" strike any of you as not clean at all?

Avoiding every war is just as bad as fighting every war. Remember Rwanda? That's what happens when only one side has weapons. That was a lot worse than war, and the estimates of people killed with machettes are all well over 500,000. Regarding war, the left is just as intellectually inbred as the right. Check with someone who hasn't been part of your group-think.