Pizza from Scratch, 122

31 January, 2008

Coming to America

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People argue about this. Some go on about the "huddled masses, yearning to breath free." Others go on about the law and nothing but.

The first group makes a good point, but as long as people come here illegally, those masses are left to huddle only a bit less than back home.

As for the other group, without rule of formal, societal law, we wouldn't get what the anarchists want, we would get what I faced on the elementary school playground: there would still be rules, and the rulers would be the biggest, meanest people, who would take whatever they want. But some laws stop making sense, if they ever did. Centuries ago, in France, over 10,000 people were put to death because they broke a law against making cloth that wasn't the right colors.

I'm sure the law was there to protect cloth makers who wanted to pass along the family business to their children, and not be driven out of business when their products became commodities with no pricing power at all. No doubt there were people who said "We can't protect our country if we can't enforce our laws."

Today, weaving isn't the irresistible object, and the U.S. is. People risk their lives to come here from the east and south. Because their alternative is to wait ten years, while their children wait for decent schools and medical care, or sneak in. So they sneak in, and because they have to keep a low profile, and probably work for cash under the table, they drive down wages for people in this country with the fewest .......................... ...........................................................................marketable skills.

If you don't like that, tightening the borders won't stop it. Research shows that most illegals used to stay only a few years, then go home for a few years, or maybe stay home, having saved up enough to go into business in a cheaper land. Now they just stay. Oh, and they used to be in only a few states. Now they've scattered everywhere. The only thing that will bring them all out of hiding is legal status. Then they can hold out for a living wage, and we can all get paid more.

And the only thing that will keep more from coming here illegally is a legal process that takes months, not years. When they have to compete against everyone here, the ones back home will know when competition has taken the shine off America.

So y'all stop being fools about this. Red and blue, you cranks all s*** s***!