Pizza from Scratch, 121

28 January, 2008

Waiting to have a family

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Dan is based on a friend of mine who really is a U.S. military veteran of the first, short war in the Persian Gulf, driving Saddam Hussein back out of Kuwait. He's a disabled vet, and a U.S. citizen, but he really did have to wait five years for the country for which he fought to let his wife come over to stay, from the Philippines.

From what I've heard on NPR radio, what I've read in the Wall Street Journal, the average wait to become a legal U.S. citizen is ten years, if you aren't rich or don't have special skills. So my friend and his wife got off lightly.

I can't really know what it was like for them. They knew they had someone for whom they were waiting. It had to be difficult, not knowing how long they'd have to wait, maybe sometimes wondering if the other would keep waiting. All I know about is waiting and wondering.

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