Pizza from Scratch, 120

21 January, 2008

Ups and downs of glasses

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I guess I'd been waiting over forty years to tell people beyond family what it's been like to have to wear glasses, whether I wanted to wear them or not.

I didn't see the "fireworks" until my twenties, when I lost my glasses at the beach when a wave caught me off-guard. It's a good thing I still was living without a car, as driving home would have been impossible. Maybe some girl would have volunteered to drive, and I'd be married now, with kids, instead of still waiting. Instead, everything was a blur, to no good end, as far as I could tell. I'd gone to the beach with a Christian fellowship group, and they were decent to me, and very patient.

It wasn't until I was riding home, after dark, that I looked out the car window and saw every light we passed explode in silence, like a cross between a firework burst and a dandelion puff. And they'd blink on and off, as trees passed between.

I can't remember the last time I did that. Usually, now I'm the driver, or I just forget. It's not as though I ever take my glasses off, except for a shower or sleep.

I was the last in my family to get contacts, by years. All that waiting, and I found out I still have to wear glasses to read anything at less than arm's length. At least I can look over them, and people can see my eyes, instead of two tiny pictures of me. Really - if you look closely at someone who's really near-sighted, you can see in their lenses some of the space behind them - inside the wearer's face. Is that what's been happening to me, all these years?

Wearing contacts is easy for me, but mostly I don't bother, because I can't afford to wear them all the time, and as far as I can tell, they haven't done anything for me, socially. I wish someone could tell me what to expect, for what I should be looking, what the signs are of people accepting me more, especially women.