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Pizza from Scratch presents Purple Prose 'toon 171

1 December, 2008

"A Christmas Keillor," Part 3 of 4: the spirits of politics-in-media present, and when jokes go bad

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Public radio isn't the only venue in which Garrison Keillor has taken sides, and he's been so focused on the fight that his standards have slipped.

Panel 2 features two Texans whom Garrison seems to have forgotten, when he was helping write "A Prarie Home Companion," the movie. Panel 3 is [Darn. Can't recall his name. He was in "A Fish Called Wanda."] from the movie, playing a private eye, if I recall correctly.

The "preemptive strategy" joke is from the Halloween 2008 "Prarie Home Companion" radio show. The speaker was a kid trick-or-treating.