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Pizza from Scratch presents Purple Prose 'toon 170

24 November, 2008

"A Christmas Keillor," Part 2 of 4: the spirits of politics-in-media past; past presidents and a mom

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Garrison Keillor had heard some people cheering when he mentioned that Ronald Reagan had died. He gently reprimanded them and asked his live audience to join him in singing a hymn, which they did. Garrison behaved a lot more graciously than most Congressional Democrats. And I believe he gained some respect from conservatives and hopefully rubbed off on some liberals. As I've said, I miss the old Garrison.

The nice lady is Ms. Lillian Carter, Jimmy Carter's mom. In case my drawing isn't good enough, the past presidents, in order of appearance (and period in office) are: Richard M. Nixon, Ronald W. Reagan, and Gerald R. Ford. And I didn't have to look up their initials online - just the art reference images.