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Pizza from Scratch 'toon 168

13 November, 2008

Why shark conservation is good for human seafood lovers

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This is ... ...another of the cartoons I created over the summer, to use as emergency filler, and papers would soon be due, in this week, back in November, 2008.

I was trying to think of anything I could to stretch my cartooning resources. I worked on cartoons while role- playing at a friend's home. Her son was interested in my cartooning, so I asked him for ideas. He likes "Shark Week," which I only know as a programming event on cable TV, which I still can't afford. So Nathaniel suggested a story about sharks. It took me a week or two to think of an angle.

I know, the date in the margin is 11 November. I probably had a few final details to finish up. I hope I've made a good case for not simply seeing sharks as the enemy of humans playing in the oceans. Let's just be careful, please? I love eating scallops. I don't think it will help the rays to eat them all.