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Pizza from Scratch 'toon 167

10 November, 2008

A little bit from my philosophy class

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This is one of the cartoons I created over the summer, to use as emergency filler, if my course work demanded too much of my time to allow for cartooning.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as I recall, Kant's categorical imperative is basically that the thing to do is always the sustainable thing. That's the thing that, if everyone acted that way, there would be as little harm as possible.

And I also remember sitting through "Star Trek: the Motion[less] Picture" in a theater. It was okay, I enjoyed it, but I wondered if there would ever be more Star Trek after that. So to me, Riccardo Montalban will always be the man who saved Star Trek. I think he's always been good. I'm sure he's missed.