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Pizza from Scratch presents Purple Prose 'toon 166

6 November, 2008

On not being mean over spilt milk

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These cartoons are a lot of work, and Tuesday night, election night, I was already working on the cartoon for the upcoming Thursday edition. On the edge of a college campus, at a table in a bar, young people were celebrating Obama's win as loudly as they were quite, the day after W was reelected. I could here them outside, and people coming inside for food and drink told of marching in the streets, traffic stopped.

So I decided on a cartoon that I hoped would remind the VCU community (and others, in years to come) that everyone knows how it feels to be on the losing end of something in life. Well, nearly everyone knows.

Me, I never did lean one way or the other, and as a cartoonist, I really worked hard at not playing favorites. I hope I succeed.