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Pizza from Scratch presents Purple Prose 'toon 165

3 November, 2008

Looking back at poll tests

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I heard a news story on radio that looked back at when some US states, generally in the south, required registered voters to answer a quiz question correctly, before they could vote. The stated reason was to make sure feeble- minded people didn't vote. In practice, voters that those in power expected to support the established order were given easy questions. One of the actual hard questions, quoted in the radio news story, was "How many bubbles are there in a bar of soap?"

Remembering that story, I decided it was too important not to mention. I've experienced enough unfareness in my life that I hate to see or hear of it happening anywhere. And 2008 was a big election year in the US, with some people in both parties trying to suppress voters regarded as most likely voting for the other side. And the schemers don't mind at all if a lot of voters in the middle stay home.

So I sought to make people think more about their right to vote, and how over the years, some people have tried to take it away from others.