Pizza from Scratch presents Purple Prose, 'toon 160

13 October, 2008

Tired of the usual color-coded U.S. politics? Tune in, Turn on, Drop out (not necessarily in that order).

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I don't remember which counter-culture source came up with the original instruction in the 1960s.

I don't know how far back they go, but for at least the last few presidential campaigns, the PBS documentary series "Frontline" has put together a two-hour special that looks at both major party candidates. It's as unbiased as anything I've seen. Watching, you can see that both parties know to nominate someone likeable. You can also see enough to help make up your own mind.

In 2008, Frontline already had their special put together and on the air in the first week of October.

"527 groups" are the sources of political ads that aren't officially tied to any political party or candidate. But if you don't believe their taking sides, you really need to think more before you decide on your vote.

And the last panel is also about "framing the issues" very carefully, because they don't want us to see the whole picture. Each wants you thinking only about the part they can dress up as supporting their side. From September on, you should avoid any channels that run political ads. What they do is as bad as lying, and they are probably the worst source for guiding anyone's vote. I watch PBS and DVDs. Oh, and "Freeman's Mind" on YouTube. That's some messed up stuff, and not for little kids, but soooo funny.