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Pizza from Scratch, 151

11 September, 2008

Master Tensing pushes Phoenicia's "Emergency Reset" button, in the worst way

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Recently, PBS ran a documentary about John Lennon's years living in the U.S., and one odd part was a look at one of his songs, the one that for Lennon is what "Short People" was to Randy Neuman. Both songs were written and performed with the best of intentions, but both prompt the thought "What was he thinking, what was he smoking, and why didn't he share?"

Lennon's song starts with the line "Woman is the [n-word] of the world." Some people could have predicted the reactions, both whom and how. Some white liberals raked John and Yoko over the coals, but the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus wrote that "If being a [n-word] is a matter of having your life defined and limited by others, then there are a lot more [n-word] in this country than some people think."

So Phoenicia is feeling disrespected on both counts, and for being a kid. She's hurt, and it's really getting to her. So her friend decides to take a drastic measure.

But of course, this is also about the state in which I've found campus restrooms, way too often, over four years at the time this cartoon was created. I'm really looking forward to working in a small office, with maybe only three other people using the bathroom on our floor of an old converted townhouse. I really want to put wrecked restrooms behind me.