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Pizza from Scratch, 146

25 August, 2008

An apology to all on campus who've had to put up with me

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No one ever complained to my face, sadly, so they had to suffer in silence, as in ignorance I did whatever made some tell others they were glad I wouldn't be in their next class. I still don't know what I need to change. I am on record as not being stubborn about changing. I'm also on record with friends, family, and therapy groups as genuuinely wanting constructive criticism.

Otherwise I don't learn, and I keep turning people off. I really want to be a husband and father, and that means some woman has to decide she wants to grow old with me.

All the things in this strip have happened to me. One reason I had so little fun when I was still a kid was that my homework always expanded to fill all available time. I lost a lot of time daydreaming, mentally wandering, even when still mentally within an assigned subject.

And yes, I struggled to get into an adult conversation before I forgot what I wanted to say.

And I can only reliably remember daily and weekly routines.

And I struggle to remember names, unless and until they are daily or weekly routines for me. I know about how I should try to repeat the person's name several times, when I first hear it, but at the time I have to focus on whatever else is going on, and it always feels too artificial to say the new name, over and over. And I'm still shy, even though I strongly prefer being around people who aren't mean. I hope people don't hold it against me.

And I always did get a lot of exercise on campus. I passed exercise walkers, and I was pulling about 60 pounds on a luggage cart.

And ADD isn't my worst disability. Autism (Think clueless class clown.) may be my most annoying disability, for others, but if I don't stay in my 'happy place,' I'll end up the way I was when I was a college dropout for 22 years. Depression can be crippling, and as there's no wheelchair, many assumed I was lazy. I really can't go back to that.