Pizza from Scratch, 83

2 April, 2007

Special, but not so different

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You can probably tell I came up with this as I went along, rather than a well-thought-out plan. Considerable familiarity with the Bible didn't keep me from needing to fill in gaps in my initial presentation.

For instance, if the Bible really says God took billions of our years (but six of his days) to create the universe, that doesn't explain the story of Him making the first human out of clay and spit.

Let's think of what we know of humans. We all want to be special (but not in a "short bus" sense). If people don't feel special, they resent it. People have fought over who's the most special (e.g. "the master race"), and have sought to dominate and subdue all other creatures. That last bit hasn't gone very well. Humanity no longer has dominion over the Dodo, the Passenger Pidgeon, the Nubian Lion, and God knows how many others.

So if God doesn't give humanity its own very special origin, they'll be even nastier, just to show who's boss. The origin has to fit in seamlessly into the rest of creation, or it comes apart at the seams. Our immune system wouldn't fit the world around us, for one. For another, if we didn't fit in, then when we got around to trying to figure everything out, we'd have a lot we couldn't explain, and that would be discouraging to scientific inquiry. See? God does love science.

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