Pizza from Scratch, 82

29 March, 2007

Random? Doesn't matter. Impersonal? Not.

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One actual reason for believers in deities to disagree with evolution as described by science is over random mutation. If it is truly random, then how can a deity be in charge? And it's impersonal, too. What about that?

As best as I can understand it so far, the God of the Bible isn't limited by time, the way we are. It's the "forever and ever" thing: forever more and ever since; all at once.

So I think the Bible says that sovereignty and free will are resolved because no matter what happens, no matter what anyone decides, God is already there, in every possible future. He's not surprised, nor is his power challenged. That means he can watch and enjoy the view, intervening at any point. And all we have to do for a piece of that action is turn over the controls. He responds by honoring humility by giving them back, simultaneously, reciprocally and continually.

Oh, and the only reason of which I can think for the "God" of the Bible being a guy is this. For the big plan, God has to be born as a human. If the Goddess has to be born human, I think Joseph has to get pregnant. He doesn't have a uterus, and all the women are jealous.

Oh, and I think one of the "Old Testament" names for God translates as "the many-breasted one," so I don't think God wants us to think of either sex as higher in status. Humans always do hideous things with such distinctions.

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