Pizza from Scratch, 81

26 March, 2007

So why do people argue about this?

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For decades, I've listened to people who camp on opposite sides of an argument they insist on having. At least some of them say it's creation vs. evolution. A while back, I noticed a place in the "Old Testament" where God is quoted as saying for Him, "A day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years is like a day." There's a similar line in the "New Testament."

I thought about that, and it occurred to me that if a day is like a thousand years, and each one of those thousand years has about 365.25 days, and each of THOSE days is like a thousand years, then it's a logical loop, and for the God of the Bible, a day is as long as he wants it to be.

The six days alternative says that God took less time to create the universe then people in Old Testament times took to build a house. Today, millions of kids spend more time playing through a video game. Do we really want to think of God rushing through it that way?

I know some people will say to me "Your God isn't powerful enough." I refer to scripture that says "God is love," to where Paul gave a definition of love in his first letter to people in Corinth, where the first words are "Love is patient, ...." I respond that their God isn't patient enough.

I wish more Christians would also take Psalm 90:4 and 2nd Peter 3:8 as literally, and stop fighting over evolution.

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