Pizza from Scratch, 77

1 March, 2007

It's not defective, it's historic.

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)

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Yes, antique bricks look very nice as sidewalks, but if they're allowed to settle unevenly, for decades, they become water hazzards. Whenever it rained, I had to dodge the puddles with my backpack-on-wheels, lifting it up and over, more often than not.

The reference to "cursed pools" is from Japanese animation. "Ranma 1/2" is a comedy in which many characters have found their way to a place in China where many pools lie in wait for weary or unwary travelers. Falling in triggers the curse. From then on, whenever the victim is splashed with cold water, they take the form of the last creature to drown in that particular pool. Hot water reverses the change. Various characters change into a pretty redhaired girl (not so good if you're a boy), a giant panda, a cat, or a piglet. Those are the ones I remember.

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