Pizza from Scratch, 75

22 February, 2007

Sharing isn't always good.

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Not that anyone on campus would do this, but if you pay to get into the cafeteria, then stay through breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's "brinner."

The trouble is that cafeteria meal payment plans for a term have to be calculated based on people eating three meals per day. When students eat two bigger meals, then use their extra [magnetic strip card] "swipes" to treat friends who aren't on a meal plan, the cafeteria can't keep up with the extra demand. They only received money enough for one person eating per term contract.

So if you wonder why the food isn't as fancy as it was in the beginning, that's the main reason why. The VCU cafeteria tries to get you to use your extra swipes for fancier options, such as shrimp cocktail. It still cuts into their budget, but not as badly.

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