Pizza from Scratch, 69

29 January, 2007


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For two years, I tutored economics and monitored a suite of meeting rooms on the top floor of the old VCU School of Business building. So I made pit stops in the Men's Room down the hall. Every week, there would be a smell coming from the stall adapted for guys in wheelchairs. Someone left a huge clog that seemed to have a small mountain of roll paper. Week after week, I figured it had to be the same guy. Clogging the commode one time is understandable. After that, the responsible thing to do is to flush more than once during 'the procedure.' Instead, someone made life needlessly difficult, for guys who face more difficulty than most do, every day. Finding this nasty mess, week after week, made me want to do more than only report the clog to maintenance. I know it's nasty, but hopefully I've made it funny. Hopefully I'll get through to a few of the guys who do stuff like this.

I don't think it's possible to get through to the worthless gits who flush solid objects part-way down urinals.

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