Pizza from Scratch, 94

30 August, 2007

At last, the escape

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)

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As usual, I tried to tell too much story in only two strips per week. In case you couldn't follow it, here's a version with a bit more space to tell the story.

Prisoners are known to sharpen plastic toothbrush handles into knives. So I guess Lego blocks could be sharpened, also, but would be clumsy as weapons.

Barbie jets are plastic, and less than two feet long, so with enough balloons, they could be floated up on kite strings, upwind of the prison, at night, with little or no moonlight. Blowguns, or soda straws, could be smuggled in, along with peas and pins. Push a pin through each pea, and you have projectiles that could pop enough balloons for the Barbie jets to drop low enough to be grabbed by the squirrels (or helpful humans) and hidden.

Kids all over Iran like squirrels, and don't like that squirrels are prisoners. So they discuss how to get them out. The big-tube-in-the-ground idea from Jules Verne is used. But what will propel the jets into the air?

Toy surf boards are attached to the tops of the jets, folded back for launch, swinging out for gliding, all the way to the Persian Gulf.

With every child in Iran having donated their Legos, they wanted to get them back. Mario and Luigi costumes were a popular idea, and with the mustaches, they tried passing as little people. As the guards wanted to get rid of the evidence as fast as possible, there was no resistance to kids with wagons, and moms with vans.