Pizza from Scratch, 118

6 December, 2007

Spaceballs Christmas

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There's a scene in the first minutes of the Mel Brooks film, "Spaceballs," set on board the flag ship of Planet Spaceball, Spaceball One. Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) first thinks he's looking at the ship's radar screen, but can't understand it. "What's all this bubbling and churning?"

Colonel Sanders (George Wyner) tells him "We call it Mr. Coffee. Care for some?"

Dark Helmet tries to cover up his ignorance. "I always have coffee when I watch radar. Everybody knows that!"

"Of course we do, sir!" choruses the entire bridge crew.

Then Dark Helmet tries to close the subject and move on by saying "Now that I have my coffee, I'm ready to watch radar."

I don't remember when or how I thought of this parody of a line from a parody. I'm glad parody is protected by law. And Irving Berlin and his family celebrated Christmas at home. But that doesn't change the sad, painful history of the way too many Christians have treated too many Jews. I wish I knew how to ask Mel Brooks if he minds. I've always loved his movies, and they've been very important to me. He's helped keep me going.

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