Pizza from Scratch, 116

29 November, 2007

Turkey Day, Part 2: Run, kitty, run!

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One of the extras in this strip is from my senior year of high school, up in New Hampshire. I was moved to a boarding school for my sophomore year, because even my grades were suffering from bullying in the county schools. At the boarding school, in the upstairs hallway, near the stairs, a fire extinguisher was hung on the wall. I think it was an old fashioned baking soda and vinegar extinguisher, suitable only for type 'A' fires - wood, paper, not grease or electrical fire. The instructions said to turn it upside down to use it. That was to activate the chemicals, allow them to run together.

The brass name plate on the extinguisher really did say it was a Badger brand extinguisher. It really said "Badger Foam Fire Extinguisher." It always struck me as odd and funny.

That building is mostly gone, now, including the part with the extinguisher.

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