Pizza from Scratch, 114

19 November, 2007


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As a volunteer, then as a staff member for Anime Mid Atlantic (AMA), a local convention, I saw two chunky black guys, with full beards, dressed up as blonde girls in Japanese girls' sailor uniforms. I found it brain-hurting, but still hilarious.

Compared to many of my friends, I'm barely involved as a fan of Japanese animation. I love the funny stuff, and I've seen and enjoyed the Miyazaki works produced in conjunction with Disney Studios. I've seen a variety of anime, thanks to friends, and AMA. Some of it has been more accessible to me than others. Sometimes I'm puzzled. Some things I find disturbing. Most of the time, it's simply a bit weird to my western eyes. So the fan characters, "Sailor Bacon" and "Sailor Bubba," inspired by the cartoon "Sailor Moon," don't surprise me too much.

It surprises me that between my friends and I, I've been the most involved with area conventions. Until Anime Mid-Atlantic moved away from Richmond, the only year I wasn't a volunteer or staff member was when I had an older, prior commitment to another convention, as a volunteer. Mostly, I like being able to help, and being appreciated. And some of the anime music videos are very, very, laugh-out-loud funny.