Pizza from Scratch, 113

15 November, 2007

Saving the fish

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Supposedly you can perform artificial respiration on a fish by moving it through the water. I tried and failed to save a poor little fish who was in an experiment in a biology class.

Of course the fish wouldn't be helping themselves by forming a piscine pyramid for water skiing.

Miss Gail is named after the only girl who ever said she loved me. (I think I only heard her name, back then, so I didn't know until lately that it's spelled Gayle.) I wish she'd believed me when I'd said I didn't think I deserved anyone, especially her. She never said it again, and she pulled back from me. I wasn't diagnosed as mildly autistic until over three decades later. I'm still just as clueless, so much of the time. I don't pick up on non-verbal cues. I need people to tell me what they're thinking, what they mean.

Sorry, Gayle. I wish I had known better. It would be about 7 years before I stopped thinking of myself as an evil person with a dark secret. Back then, I thought I was unloveable, and would only ruin your life.