Pizza from Scratch, 102

1 October, 2007

Rough going on VCU sidewalks

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The sidewalks on the west side of Cabell Library are old brickon the west side of the next street. On the side by the library, the "good" sde, the square sections have shifted one to three inches from level with each other. On the east side of the library, the sidewalks were just fine, but they're the ones that VCU paid to replace, so they could lay square islands of unmortared bricks amid the concrete forms.

Maybe they hope some day that VCU grads will pay to put names on those bricks. If they want names on bricks, the area is full of old brick sidewalks badly in need of leveling. I wish VCU would get with its neighbors and fix what they've got. VCU already has one blind professor who hates walking around campus.

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