Pizza from Scratch, 101

27 September, 2007

Dr. Luther continues his court-ordered community service.

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I don't like scary movies. My life has been scary enough. I've felt powerless and vulnerable, day after day, for years. So there's a part of me that wants to take scary movies and take the scaryness out of them, so I think of something harmless and silly, instead.

I saw a little bit of a movie with the "Pinhead" character in it. What would be the most evil thing that Dr. Luther could do with Pinhead? Maybe he'd ask him for some of his little nails. What could I do with that?

For years, I've been aware of former President Jimmy Carter's quiet work with Habitat for Humanity. Pounding nails, day after day, is not something people do for the look of it. I don't know if Habitat includes people doing court-ordered community service. I hope this cartoon motivates some people to volunteer with Habitat. They do wonderful work, providing homes for people who would otherwise probably never own their own home.

The little box that Dr. Luther twists open is my attempt to draw the evil fancy box from the movie. I made the best use I could of photos on the internet.