Pizza from Scratch, 37

24 April, 2006

Bob the Barbarian has one more course to go

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Dave is a guy on our computer science project team who would have been team leader, if I hadn't already been through the whole class the term before. Dave is smart, and he worked hard. And some days, riding in his backpack, looking out on our campus, was a plush toy squirrel, wearing a very small preserved aligator head. Dave called his squirrel "Bob the Barbarian."

I'm glad I thought to ask if I could take pictures of Bob. Dave also gave me permission to use Bob in my comic strips.

Then Dave told me how he had found out he would be allowed to walk at May graduation, but he had somehow overlooked taking one 200-level, sophomore class, and wouldn't graduate officially until months later. I told him that Peter Parker (yes, Spiderman) wasn't able to graduate on time because it had never occurred to the fittest student ever at his university ... to satisfy his physical education requirement. "Sorry, I know he's fictional, but Spiderman is pretty good company." If Dave felt better, it was only because I tried, and sounded silly.