Pizza from Scratch, 32

3 April, 2006

..."It was a joke." - the art student arsonists

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)

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I don't remember even roughly when the story first broke, but I created this cartoon soon after police caught the guys who had set fire to several church buildings. They were art students enrolled at a nearby college. According to National Public Radio, when questioned, the suspects said the first fire was supposed to be "a joke." They said "It got out of control." The other fires were set "to throw police investigations off their trail."

So their idea of a joke, something supposedly funny, was to set a fire next to a church building. I decided to present a series of things that would be much funnier (funny at all), without being at all destructive.

My grade-school experience with Catholic nuns varied. Most of them seemed harsh, but Sister Monica Maureen (if my Dad researched her name accurately - that was over 40 years ago) in second grade was a real sweetheart.

Regarding G.I. Joe, I didn't grow up with the cartoon, and what little I think I know is from younger friends, and ToyFair magazine's hilarious "Twisted ToyFair Theater." (TTT is similar to "Robot Chicken, with more jokes based on the script.) Among the things I think I know about G.I. Joe, the cartoon, is that Snake-Eyes, the ninja in black, has always been one of "the good guys" (the Joes). I've heard Cobra's ninja in white, Shadow Strike has gone back and forth between good and evil, from his actions, so he's a good example of the much more complex lives most people live. The "good guy' is in black (See also Chuck Norris.), and the [usually] "bad guy" wears white. This presents a lesson: judging by appearances, while quick and simple, can be very wrong. It's better to see how they act.

Lastly, some people want to burn crack houses. Others may want to go after targets most see as sweet and innocent, such as no-kill animal shelters. Either way, it's important to avoid group think (pressure to silence questions and alternate viewpoints). Of course these cats have tarred and feathered themselves, because no one questioned the wisdom of using feathers and spray cans of tar undercoat on a day with strong, shifting winds.