Pizza from Scratch, 24

... 27 February, 2006

Angry commentary on the fate of the Maymont Park bears

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I interrupted the Furmoeba story line because of breaking news in Richmond, Virginia, where I live. Maymont Park has been known for decades for its small zoo of native Virginia animals, all of whom had to be moved from the wild, either due to injuries or habitat loss. Maymont had a pair of black bears in a large enclosure. They kept to themselves, and had never been trouble to anyone.

Then one day, a mother let her young son climb over the fences, into the bear enclosure. He was not seriously injured, but because the bears had contacted him, rabies was a concern.

OK, the mother fails to control her kid. Is the kid given the 100% effective series of rabies shots? No. Instead Richmond kills both bears.

I'm not sorry to say that strikes me as a really chicken s***, cowardly decision. They should have told the Mother of the Year (NOT!) and her son "Tough luck. You messed up, not the bears. Kid, you're getting the shot series (Oh, by the way, they hurt, a lot.), and we'll keep the bears under observation.

And I absolutely HATE bullies. Kids like the one who pulls Tensing's tail ruined my life for decades. So I enjoyed drawing Master Tensing using stick fu on his evil little butt. And Tensing explains that if he used his teeth or claws, he might get "destroyed" as were the poor bears.