Pizza from Scratch, 63

30 November, 2006

Please - REALLY wash your hands.

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There are people who think the way to wash hands is to abuse the dispenser for lots of soap, and then they don't take the time to use it. Hand washing takes at least 30 seconds, and to do that, you really have to count to 60. Or yes, you could sing "Happy Birthday to You" twice. ... No, you don't have to sing out loud.

The first time you do it, it will seem to take forever. Please do it, and stick with it, especially if you have a cold. And we don't find that out until we've been contageous long enough to pass it along. That's how those viruses survive.

And people with transplanted organs or tissues have to take drugs to prevent their own immune system from rejecting the transplants. With a suppressed immune system, they're more vulnerable to infections. So please, think of them. They don't have to wear badges, so they could be anyone.

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