Pizza from Scratch, 61

20 November, 2006

Avoiding pig's revenge

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)

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This one was another summer project, and was used as emergency deadline-meeting filler.

I really can thoroughly saturate 7 to 9 VCU cafeteria paper napkins with the grease I can sqeeze from just one pork sausage patty. On the other hand, the vegan soy sausage hardly has any grease, and is wonderfully, highly seasoned. That's because they know they're starting with soy.

I enjoy both kinds of sausage, because as a descendent of omnivores, I need both. I do want the food animals treated better. They wouldn't have been born in such numbers, if not to become food, but we could still give them a quicker, more surprising death. I'm willing to pay more for meat, and I do pay more for eggs, already. And if you enjoy these cartoons, and can spare some money, please ...

Donate to Richmond,VA, USA, Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ... please.