Pizza from Scratch, 6

13 October, 2005

Restaurant Review, Part 3, Catnip Problem

© Bill Lemmond (Actually, you're welcome to download and share these web-resolution images, and you probably won't be happy with printing them.)
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Spoiler Alert!

In Jerusalem, only once each year, the High Priest would make the only trip inside the Holy of Holies, in Solomon's Temple. He was interceding for all the people, and from history of The LORD striking sinners dead, it was never assumed the High Priest would live through the visit. So they tied a rope to him, in case they had to prevent a dead body being left to fester in the holiest place in all Israel. Go in and get it? Then there'd be two bodies. So when the cats send one of their own up to the garden, and they tie a rope to him or her, in case the cat can't resist the catnip, it's as Hedley Lamar said in "Blazing Saddles." When Tagart suggested to Lamar that they go into the town and kill every first-born child, Lamar responded "Too Jewish." By the way, when I was little, all of Israel was a hero to me. I was picked on mercilessly, to the point of tears, at school. Israel's victory in 1967 was to me a victory for all underdogs, such as I was. Here is a series I did to fight anti-semitism. Anti-semitism scares me, too.