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Pizza from Scratch, and Other Comic Strips by Bill Lemmond

Pizza from Scratch, Purple Prose, and Dismal Science Swamp

Cheering up a few people since 2005 ... and best NOT viewed in Internet Explorer ... yet.

If you're down with a flu, and your misery would love company, well my family said this helped. For readers who observe US Thanksgiving, I hope you have a good one, and that there's enough to go around. If you're on cleanup duty, maybe this will help.

Please accept my apology for the state of this site. I am very new to web authoring, and lack an HTML editor. All is done in raw HTML, by me. Any good qualities are owed to Laura Lemay, and her etext, Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 14 Days. I've heard that every web developer has extra trouble with display in Internet Explorer. I don't know why, with all their money and talent, Microsoft doesn't produce a browser that is at least as user-friendly as the others. Do they care? Among the comments is this pie chart, the one that refrains from profanity, and thus is almost suitable for viewing by impressionable children. And no, IE's "Compatibility View" button didn't help.

The first 200 or so strips first appeared in the VCU student newspaper, The Commonwealth Times. Many mistakes are left intact, in hope that they add entertainment value, at my expense, as need be.

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